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FPL provides America's best energy value — energy that's clean, reliable and affordable. Energy efficiency in Florida is among the top in the country with investments in the latest renewable energy sources. Florida is home to some of the best energy rates in the U.S., translating into savings for your business. Let us help you with a customized rate quote and incentives evaluation.

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FPL offers energy incentives for businesses

Power costs should never be a barrier for your business. Even with rates among the lowest in Southeast and well below the national average, we understand that, in today's competitive economy, sometimes it takes more. Learn more about the incentive programs that can help your new construction or relocation save energy and dollars.


Economic Development Rider (EDR)

EDR is designed to help attract new investment and create more jobs in Florida. Eligible companies receive discounts on new electric demand for up to five years.

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Commercial Industrial Service Rider (CISR)

CISR is designed to attract new users with large energy usage to the state as part of a competitive site location project.

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Rate and Incentive FAQs

How do I qualify for an EDR?

FPL offers EDR and EFEDR programs. Qualifications for each are listed below and more information about qualifying for EDR and EFEDR programs can be found here.

EDR Level I

Create at least 25 new jobs per 350 kW demand of new electric demand

This is a ratio - if a company has 700 kW of new electric demand, they must create at least 50 new jobs


EDR Level II

Create at least 40 new jobs per 1 MW demand of new electric demand

This is a ratio - if a company has 2 MW of new electric demand, they must create at least 80 new jobs

FPL also offers an Existing Facility Economic Development Rider (EFEDR)

For establishment of new load in commercial or industrial space vacant for 6+ months

Minimum 25 new jobs per 350 kW new demand

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What are the types of EDR discounts?

FPL offers three levels of EDR discounts:

EDR level I

Declining discount on base energy and demand charges over 4 years

Year 1: 20%

Year 2: 15%

Year 3: 10%

Year 4: 5%

EDR level II

Year 1 – 40% reduction in base demand and energy charges*

Year 2 – 30%
Year 3 – 20%  

Year 4 – 10%  

Year 5 – 0%


Year 1: 25%

Year 2: 20%

Year 3: 15%

Year 4: 10%

Year 5: 5%

How do I qualify for a CISR?

To negotiate a rate, potential or existing businesses must:

  • Have a load of 2,000 kW or greater, served by a single meter
  • Document that this is part of a competitive site location project with opportunities for lower electric rate alternatives
  • If you think your project qualifies, complete FPL's rate quote worksheet and contact FPL's Economic Development Team upon completion

Download FPL’s CISR tariff

How do I request a Rate Quote?

FPL requires at least two of these three factors to determine your rate: kW demand, monthly kWh or load factor.

Even with rates among the lowest in the Southeast and well below the national average, we understand that in today’s competitive economy, sometimes it takes more. Fill out our rate quote worksheet to help us assess your power requirements and find more savings eligibility for your bottom line.

Companies can save energy costs with tax credits, HVAC upgrades and tax deductions. To learn more about tax incentives, our exemptions page reviews the ways different types of businesses can benefit and optimize their energy costs.

Becoming an FPL Customer is Great for Business

Small businesses and larger scale companies utilizing commercial buildings can find ways to reduce their energy use through energy efficiency programs, optimized energy star certified efficient equipment and more. FPL and the state of Florida support clean energy efficiency projects, including solar energy technology to help reduce energy bills for growing businesses.

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Clean Energy, Sustainability & Efficiency

FPL has 50 solar energy centers statewide. These clean energy efficiency improvements generation enough emissions-free energy to power 750,000 homes annually.

Record of Reliability

FPL was named the winner of the 2021 ReliabilityOne® Award for the sixth time in seven years.
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Innovative Ideas

Approximately 500,000 customer outages or interruptions were avoided as a result of smart grid investments.

Rates & Incentives

FPL has affordable, competitive rates that are 41 percent below the national average for industrial customers. Our energy systems can help your business take advantage of energy investment tax credits as outlined by the IRS.

Typical FPL customer bills are lower than the state, regional, and national averages.

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