Protecting our environment and preserving it for future generations is embedded in our culture. Florida is a natural pro-business leader in ESG - ranked No. 3 for installed solar in the U.S and home to a pro business government and diverse population. The state is already home to the world's largest clean energy company, and our team is here to help other sustainability-minded companies make the move to Florida.

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Real Zero

FPL's parent company, NextEra Energy, announced Real Zero, the most ambitious carbon-emissions-reduction goal ever set by an energy producer. As part of Real Zero, FPL’s goal is to significantly accelerate the transformation of its generation mix, starting with 36% decarbonization by 2025 and culminating in 100% decarbonization by no later than 2045. Let Real Zero help your company reach its sustainability goals.

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Building a Cleaner Tomorrow

NextEra Energy and FPL are pioneering sustainable energy. From Real Zero to electric vehicles and solar, companies will find a more business-friendly, innovative and sustainable future here.


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FPL's EVolution program provides nearly 1,000 charging points across the state, making it easy - and clean - to plan your next customer visit.

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Battery storage

FPL's 409-MW by 900-megawatt-hour (MWh) battery storage system is the largest in the world, the system stores solar energy generated by the FPL Manatee Solar Energy Center and sends it to the grid when it’s needed most.

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A leader in solar

By 2045, FPL will significantly expand its solar capacity, increasing the amount of solar generation on FPL’s system to more than 90,000 MW from hundreds of millions of solar panels.

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Additional Resources

Clean energy leaders

Global leaders in solar energy, EV, biofuels and more are growing in Florida. Thanks to the state’s strategic location, transportation infrastructure and skilled workforce, Florida companies are poised to lead the clean energy industry into the future.

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Solar stories

Hear from Florida residents who share why they believe FPL is building a brighter future for the Sunshine State with solar energy.

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2022 ESG Report

NextEra Energy's ESG report is designed to highlight our core ESG strategy and disclosures, based on feedback from the investment community and other stakeholders.

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Manatee Lagoon

Manatee Lagoon is dedicated to educating the public about manatees and Lake Worth Lagoon, and inspiring communities to preserve and protect Florida's environment and wildlife for future generations.

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