Florida’s Workforce

Florida's highly skilled workforce of more than 11 million continues to be a driving force behind the state's economic growth. Boasting the top-ranked higher education system in the U.S. and recognized as the No. 1 state for talent attraction, Florida remains a premier destination for both starting your career and starting a business.

Aviation employees in Florida’s workforce construct an fairplane’s outer shell
A ULA rocket ready for night launch from Florida’s Space Coast

Why Job Seekers Choose Florida

Desirable tax credits and incentives, such as zero state income tax, are not the only reason the state of Florida is so attractive to skilled talent. A warm, sunny climate, leading education system, affordable cost of living and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation draw talent from around the country and world to the state. Florida’s workforce development and training services across diverse industries, from aerospace to healthcare, also make Florida an ideal place to start your job search, level up your career or just put down roots.

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Working Together

Florida’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act aids job seekers and employers on the state level, ensuring the state’s workforce system meets the demands of present and future industries by building strong connections between businesses and universities, colleges and technical schools.


Florida State University, one of Florida’s many colleges and universities

#1 State for Higher Education

Floridians have access to the nation’s best higher education system, helping to provide businesses with the best talent. With the No. 1 lowest tuition and fees and No. 2 highest two-year college graduation rates, Florida’s higher education system is invested in educating the state’s current and next generation.

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A diverse group of people works in Florida’s globally connected ecosystem

Talent That is Globally Connected

Florida is uniquely positioned to do business globally. Not only does the state’s infrastructure support international trade with world-class access to airports, trains and ports, but Florida’s diverse workforce, speaking over 130 languages, is well equipped to support any company’s global initiatives.

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A man works to install solar panels into a large array

Most Veteran-Friendly State

For industries that rely on technically experienced and even security-cleared talent, such as Aerospace and Defense, Florida’s veteran workforce has you covered. Having earned the reputation as the most veteran-friendly state in the nation, more than 1.5 million veterans and 205,000 retirees live in the Sunshine State, providing businesses with a uniquely skilled talent pool.

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Additional Resources

Get There

The Florida Department of Education in Tallahassee launched their workforce education initiative Get There, furthering its investment in life-changing workforce development programs. Aimed at raising awareness for short-term, high-value career and technical education training programs, Get There accelerates the completion of in-demand certifications.

Get There

Community Profiles

Looking for workforce and labor market information in a specific Florida region? Our community profiles let you view info like population and educational attainment, analyze the labor market and more.

Community Profiles


Explore FPL’s premiere talent attraction resource, WonderFL, for more information on Florida’s key livability factors. From diverse job opportunities across key industries to an unbeatable quality of life, Florida is the perfect fit for those starting and looking to upskill their careers.


Build Your Workforce

Workforce services organizations like Employ Florida and CareerSource Florida provide one-stop employment services to help you find the ideal candidate. Employ Florida allows you to access résumés of thousands of qualified candidates and match your job postings and skill requirements with candidates. They offer 100+ career centers to help job seekers and businesses and offer options to assist those with disabilities.

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