Why Florida? It Is the One of Best States for Business

Ranked the No. 1 Business Tax Climate in the Southeast and No. 2 Business State in the U.S., the Sunshine State offers a welcoming business climate, highly competitive rates and incentives, and unparalleled opportunities for economic development. Discover how your company can grow with Florida’s PowerFL business advantages. As one of the best states for business, we are here to help executives, entrepreneurs and others find success in one of the most business-friendly states.

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The No. 1 state for talent attraction


The No. 1 state for higher education

U.S. News & World report

IconQuote.pngFlorida is a well-run state with well-run policies, a regulatory framework that allows for innovation, a tax policy that allows for success. And those things are exciting. But more importantly, there's a culture of-- there's a lack of an entitlement culture, which is important. There's a cosmopolitan mix of people from a diverse set of backgrounds, from Europe to Latin America."

(Keith Rabois, CEO, OpenStore)

Rates & Incentives

Looking for a low-cost location to take your business to new heights? Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) offers competitive electric rates and connects you with cost savings and incentives.

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Tax Exemptions

If the state charges your business a sales tax on your electric bill, you may qualify for tax exemptions that will save you money. Discover Florida’s low tax burden.

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Community Profiles

Still getting to know Florida? Check out our community profiles for helpful demographic information and metrics.

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Industrial Sites

FPL's Office of Economic Development works with counties throughout the state to identify greenfield sites and real estate that are well positioned for industrial development.

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Home to the NextEra Energy, the world’s largest producer of energy from the wind and sun, Florida is a top destination for companies that want to power their businesses with clean energy. FPL's business development team is here to help your business find the right location and reach sustainability goals.

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With a growing workforce of more than 10 million, the No. 1 higher education system in the U.S. and nearly 100 innovative colleges and technical schools, Florida provides the talent that businesses across all industries need.

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From the first PC to space exploration, Florida companies have been innovating beyond impossible for decades. That same pioneering spirit continues today across industries like clean energy, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and more.

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The Florida Difference

As a top state for business, it is unsurprising that venture capital firms, startups and new businesses flock to Florida. Throughout the U.S., from Georgia to Nevada and Oklahoma to Utah, Florida stands out as one of the most business-friendly states. Florida provides advantageous incentives for business owners designed to spur economic growth, maintain outstanding infrastructure and feed healthy workforce competition. Florida also ranks at the top for supreme livability, including attainable housing and healthcare costs. Compared to American states with equitable populations, such as California, New York or Texas, Florida features the lowest corporate income tax and lowest cost of living. Compared to other best states for doing business, like Colorado, North Carolina, and Washington, Florida has been the only contender at the top of the list for decades. Whether you own a small business or are expanding your company’s footprint, consider doing business in Florida.

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Top State for Talent Attraction

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Best Tax Climate in the Southeast

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First in the Nation for Higher Education

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2nd on the Best State for Business List

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