Minority-Owned Business Certifications

Certifications are designed to help minority business owners overcome systemic barriers that pose challenges to growing a business. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certifications offer unique access to grants, contracts, programs and resources to assist with strengthening your company.  A few benefits of being a certified Minority-Owned Business include:

  • Access to customers (Corporation and Governmental Agency contracts and databases)
  • Training workshops and technical guidance
  • Financial opportunities such as grants
  • Network with Minority Business Enterprises

Learn more about key certification options and resources to pursue certification below.  

Black Busines Certifications

8(a) Certification

The Federal Government 8(a) program for small and disadvantaged businesses can be a valuable tool for experienced, socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners, who have already been in business for at least two years or more, and are interested in expanding their footprint in the federal marketplace. Click here for information on the program.

This certification is free of charge. Florida’s SBDC Network is a great resource in working through the 8(a) Certification process. Click here for more information on Florida SBDC’s Professional Business Consulting.

State Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification

State Government Program through The Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD). This certification is at available at no cost. Click here for more information.

National Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification

National certifications can help minority entrepreneurs gain new business from the private sector. Certification is available for an annual fee for qualifying minority owned businesses. Click here for more information.

Florida Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

The DBE Certification Program is a Federal Program designed for business owners deemed "socially and economically disadvantaged.”  This certification is at available at no cost. Click here for details.