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Southeast, FL

The Florida Research Park is part of an industrial park with a total of approximately 900 acres. This specific site has approximately 10 acres of land, partially developed with a pad ready level area and zoning pre-approval for a 160,000 square foot building.  Within the park, there is another larger available 80-acre parcel being sub-divided for development of a 200,000 SF building. This site is 13 miles inland from the coast and is at an elevation of 22′ above sea level with the elevated pad portion at 26 feet.

The site’s location is appropriate for a stand-alone enterprise user or a co-location facility, and the site will physically accommodate either. For purposes of this analysis, the site was designed with 60,000 square feet of computer room raised floor, also known as “white space”, but a 100,000 square feet design is also presented to demonstrate scalability at this specific site or applicability to other larger sites.

County: Palm Beach

Site Size: 10 acres (total park size 900 Acres)

Served by Florida Power & Light Company
Existing Service Voltage: None
FPL Service Voltage: 23 kv on site
Proposed In-Service Date: 12-18 months
Design Load Capacity: Service in range of 15-20 MW

Fiber Infrastructure
Providers in Vicinity: AT&T, Verizon, FPL FiberNet, Sprint, ITS, Earthlink
High Bandwidth (distance from site)   At property line

Other Utilities

Natural Gas: None in research park

Provider: Central Florida Gas
Water: 2” domestic & 8” fire water loop on site fed from 12” street main
Capacity in excess of 300,000 GPD
Provider: Seacoast Water Company
Sewer: 42” main
Capacity: 300,000 GPD
Provider: Seacoast Water Company


Distance to Palm Beach International Airport: 22 miles
Site is not in flight line for any airports

Road: Site is approximately 12 miles from Interstate 95 on Beeline Hwy

Jupiter Research Park Fact Sheet

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