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The power and technology needs of data centers are unlike other businesses. At Florida Power & Light Company, we understand large power users and data center needs. Helping your business succeed is our #1 priority. That’s why we offer discounted electric rates, reliable electric service and a team of experts to make your location decision easy. From third-party pre-qualified sites ready for data center development, favorable ratings for natural disasters, and access to top-notch, high-speed infrastructure, a sunny future is in store for your data center project in Florida.


Why FPL is ready for your data center

Rest assured that if your data center locates within FPL service territory you are in good hands. From best-in-class reliability, low power rates, and the ability to negotiate rates to be even more competitive, we are here to support your business. Let us focus on your location and power needs, so you can focus on your business.

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Pre-qualified sites for your data center

We offer pre-qualified sites to showcase Florida’s data center potential. Our pre-qualified sites offer the unique combination of factors desired by today’s mission critical data center operations including highly reliable, redundant power, fiber infrastructures, competitive cost structures, and a location insulated from manmade and natural risks. While we recommend you start here, we also encourage you to explore Florida, including FPL’s 35-county service territory.

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Why Florida for your data center

Florida is your connection to the world. Gain access to market opportunities provided by leveraging the resources of third-largest population in the United States. In addition, Florida provides 8 submarine landing points and a powerful network of Tier 1 providers.

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