Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products

Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products, a startup glass door manufacturer based in Broward County, is the first customer taking advantage of FPL’s economic development rate, potentially saving thousands of dollars off of FPL’s low business rates.

“This is a tough business climate and the timing of this new rate was perfect for us,” said co-owner Leon Silverstein.

Businesses in FPL’s service territory already have among the lowest electric bills in Florida and well below the national average. Because a stronger economy benefits everyone, we’re offering the opportunity for further savings to those that start a business or expand within our service territory and meet certain minimum requirements.

Silverstein and business partner Bruce Cynamon invested more than $1 million to open and begin operating their business, a 65,000-square-foot facility that includes a tempering furnace and other manufacturing equipment. The company began with 28 employees and expects to add 40 more by the end of the year.

“When starting a new company, time is precious,” said Cynamon. “FPL makes it easy to do business with them.”

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