About PoweringFlorida®

Florida Power & Light Company’s Office of Economic Development



A strong economy is good business for all Floridians, and Florida Power & Light Company is doing our part to encourage investment and job creation in our state. In fact, that’s why we created FPL’s Office of Economic Development.

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How PoweringFlorida can help you

Site Selectors and Corporations
PoweringFlorida combines the power of both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Planning and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) workforce data in one easy-to-use application to:

  • Quickly explore and compare Florida’s communities
  • Gain a broad understanding of the labor force statistics, consumer spending, geography, demography and other important data
  • Identify and evaluate all available sites and buildings in each community
  • Get in touch with FPL’s economic development staff, the Enterprise Florida team, or a local economic development organization for additional project support

Economic Development Organizations
The PoweringFlorida Resource Center provides economic development organizations with information and tools that enable them to more effectively market their community, including:

  • Analyze industry sectors relevant to their geographic area
  • Better target companies for recruitment

Affordable, Reliable and Clean Energy

As the largest rate-regulated electric utility in Florida, FPL takes pride in providing low-cost, reliable, and clean electricity to about 4.6 million residential and business customers across a 35-county service territory, which is the third largest number of customers served by any electric utility in the United States.

  • FPL’s large commercial bills are about 15 percent below the national average, and large industrial bills are about 34 percent below the national average.
  • Our plants have one of the lowest emissions profiles in the country.
  • FPL currently obtains about 69 percent of its electricity from clean-burning natural gas.
  • Nuclear power, which produces no greenhouse gas emissions, will soon be responsible for nearly a quarter of all power production.
  • We also operate three commercial-scale solar generation facilities.