Data Centers

The power and technology needs of data centers are unlike other businesses. We get it.

At Florida Power & Light Company, we understand large power users and data center needs. Helping your business succeed is our #1 priority. That’s why we offer discounted electric rates, reliable electric service and a team of experts to make your location decision easy.

From third-party qualified sites ready for data center development, favorable ratings for natural disasters, and access to top-notch, top-speed infrastructure, a sunny future is in store for your data center project in Florida.

Let us focus on your location and power needs, so you can focus on your business.

Pre-qualified Sites

Why choose Florida? Our pre-qualified location study means your data center gets the best site with an unprecedented speed to market.
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Power, fiber, speed, close connections. You name it, Florida has an ideal environment for data center development.
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Business-Friendly Climate

Give your business the Florida advantage: discounted electric rates and healthy incentives.
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Mitigating Risk

We plan for good and bad weather with low risk for natural disasters.
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